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10 December 2013 @ 03:58 am
welcome and important info  

Welcome to goodthgicons, an elite icon sharing community for the Hunger Games series of books and movies.

This community has closed membership, which means you must apply and be accepted in order to gain posting access. If you are not interested in sharing icons here, you are more than welcome to watch the community!

Membership: If you want to join the community, you must first submit your application here. Your application must include your name, where you post your graphics and 5-10 icon examples (any fandom is welcome! try to show a variety of your work). At the moment we only have one mod, so ONE yes will be all that is required to gain posting access. If your application is accepted, check your invites to accept your invitation to the community. If you are not accepted, don't be discouraged! You are welcome to apply again 2 weeks after your first application.

Posting: Standard icon posting rules apply, of course: 3 teaser icons and a link to your journal/community. All teasers MUST be Hunger Games related and links to journals/communities MUST be public. DO NOT LINK TO A LOCKED ENTRY. And of course, try to be respectful of others. Don't act like an asshat. Asshattery = INSTA!BAN.

Have fun and Happy Hunger Games! :)

Interested in co-modding? Please send a PM to goodthgmod! Co-mods must have basic knowledge of moderating communities and giving concrit on icons!