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for good hunger games icons.

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About Welcome to goodthgicons! This is an elite icon sharing community for the Hunger Games series of books and movies. This community has closed membership and only people who have applied and have been accepted, can join. However, you can always watch the community if you are only interested in the icons.

Rules Membership to this community is closed, which means you must apply and be accepted before posting. Once accepted as a member, please adhere to the following guidelines before submitting your first post. (01) This community is for icons only. (02) 3 icon teasers and a link to your community or journal is acceptable. (03) Please do not link to locked entries! (04) Only icons related to the Hunger Games books and movies is allowed, which means your teasers must be Hunger Games only! (05) Please be respectful of other members and don't act like an asshat. Asshattery will result in immediate banning from the community. (06) When applying, please include the phrase "that is mahogany!" somewhere in your comment so we know you read the rules. Happy posting and may the odds be ever in your favor!
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